The Basics

Before you actually read out your first SPARK question to your talking partner it is a good idea to set the stage to get the most out of your time together. Find a place you both like to be where you can easily use a computer or a tablet. On the sofa, at the kitchen table, in a tent in the basement, outside in the garden, any place that puts you both at ease is ideal. Maybe get in some snacks.

Go to the SPARK homepage.

Click the red Get Started button
It will take you to the MAKE YOUR SELECTION PAGE
Click on a category, click on a lesson and click on one or more sparks
Click on randomize my slides
Read the first question out loud
Click on the arrow to go to the answer
Help your talking partner read/say it out loud
Keep going until you finish that set
Have a little dance party because you are building a relationship. Relationships make life good! Repeat…

Get Started!

Spark is free!